About Us

Over 21 years of running creative media programs and more than
50 years of combined client engagement experience.

Interaction Media Group was born from combining a history and passion for creating highly targeted marketing programs with a background in managing large IT programs and client engagement. We are focused on helping you utilize your marketing dollars effectively by reaching your ideal demographic. All of our programs are designed with an interactive component where the consumer MUST see and touch your promotional collateral…..assuring a 100% open rate with no waste. The best part? We manage every aspect end-to-end, while you remain focused on achieving your sales goals.

Jeff Weisberg Founder

Prior to founding Interaction Media Group, Jeff spent over 21 years creating and managing marketing programs. His experience began with direct mail and statement insert programs. Identifying a change in the times and a shift in how marketing teams were approaching their planning, Jeff created a niche for his work: creating interactive marketing programs to reach the ideal consumer for his clients. This approach allows him to be a "matchmaker", aligning strong brands with a complimentary consumer base. His responsibilities include business development and program creation.

Robin Weisberg Co-Founder

With a background in leading cross-functional teams and managing IT programs, Robin joined forces with Jeff to bring program management expertise to their clients. Her career in corporate America spanned over 26 years with technical companies such as Intuit and Verifone. Robin's experience in delivering customer success and managing programs end-to-end aligns with her responsibilities within Interaction Media Group.